Donate to the Beneficiaries

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s GI floor sits on 5 South of a massive hospital devoted to children and their families. When entering this hospital the entire world as you know it stands still. Daily life and its pressures continue outside. The sun could be shining, traffic jams tied in knots and people enjoying meals in restaurants all happen outside those doors. Inside babies to teens are being cared for by the most amazing, kind and smart teams of people who barely have time to take a rest. It is our intent to give back to the team of doctors, nurses, aids, students, and staff of the 5 South hospital wing. It is there that Avery first received a clear diagnosis and continued care by people who see him as a person first and not his disease, even as they help him and his family live with the challenges of microvillus inclusion disease.


Insurance does not always cover the cost of care. Please help them to help others. Donate here and thank you for your caring.


Avery Harris and his family do have insurance. That said, out of pocket expenses exceed $12,000 and up every year for the rest of Avery’s life.  Josh, Avery’s dad, used to be an owner at Gabby’s II in Hackettstown, NJ. Stephanie worked as a stylist at Turning Heads Salon in Hackettstown. When Avery was born and the hospital stays began, Stephanie stopped working to spend 24/7 in the hospital with him. Josh worked on and off and the struggle to be in 2 places at once was incredibly stressful. Today, Josh is a full-time dad and Stephanie has gone back to work. They plan on purchasing a family business within a year so that they can  both work and parent together. If you would like to donate to this fund, please send check to Avery’s Hope, 11 Arden Way, New Hope, PA 18938.